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Groningen - Leeuwarden - Zwolle

Standard Package

The standard package contains a fixed set of furniture for a discounted price.

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Choose your own furniture

Here you can choose single items according to your wishes.

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How does it work?



Stap 1: Choose standar package or choose your own furniture

Stap 2: Fill in your personal details here

Stap 3: Receive a reply within 24 hours

Stap 4: Confirm your order 

Stap 5: Your furniture will be delivered into your room!

Any questions? Contact us via email or phone! 

t:           +31 6 40415199
e:          info@swapcouch.nl 

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Why lease your furniture at Swapcouch?

  • You don’t have to worry about transport
  • Your furniture will be assembled and carried inside
  • No worries about buying or selling your furniture
  • No big initial investment on furniture