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    Welcome to Swapcouch
    Lease your furniture and make life easy!

About the furniture

At Swapcouch you can choose the standard package or choose single items according to your own wishes. Our furniture has a modern and time-less style and is of high quality. To get an impression of what we offer, please have a look at the photos and list of items. In case you miss a piece of furniture that you would like to lease, please contact us about the possibilities. We are more than happy to find a solution for you!

Our standard items:

Item Length (cm) Width (cm) Height (cm)
Couch 95 190 83
Drawer 48 80 100
Table (round) 85 85 75
Table (square) 80 80 76
Chair 45 45 84
Double bed 211 152 104
Double matress 200 140 18
Single boxspring 200 90 28
Single matress 200 90 18
Coffee table 75 75 45

Do you have questions?

Feel free to contact us by mail or phone.


What about the condition and hygiene?

The furniture is always in a great condition, just as displayed on the photo's. When the rental period is over, all returned items are thoroughly cleaned, especially the couch and matress. The coating of the couch is removeable, and therefore can be easily cleaned in a washing machine. The matress comes with a water proof matress protector to keep it free from any liquids or dirt. Furthermore, it is extensively cleaned including the usage of a special spray that keeps away any type of vermin.

Because of our procedures you can be ensured to receive clean and comfortable furniture!